July 19, 2006

By Nigel Sadler

Today is the final day and is taken up mostly by backfilling the sites excavated. Backfilling is essential as the sand protects the wood that we have exposed over the last few days. If the project did not backfill these wooden items wood erode and decay much faster.

The Magnetometer team finished all their work yesterday so their boat was used to bring out all the people who wanted to see the site before back filling started and then to carry gear back to Caribbean Explorer 1. Mitch was in charge of this boat.

At the wooden wreck Jason joined Randy, Don and Toni in backfilling their site. James joined the team at the cathead site and continued his drawing of the finds.

Once he finished his work, backfilling started on the cathead but more work was undertaken on the metal find area a few metres to the north of the cathead to see if a boundary could be found. The metal continued to go outwards so it was decided to recover some of the items and backfill this site to.

The metal items

All team members were back on Caribbean Explorer 1 by 5.30 and that evening Don did the boat proud by producing a spectacular barbecued rib dinner on the sun deck. The team was also able to relax and Mitch played some songs.

The team relaxing to Mitch’s music