July 18, 2006

By Nigel Sadler

The Magnetometer Team
Whilst Mike and Jason are getting ready for Jenn to film some underwater shots of them surveying they look at their tow fish (the magnetic sensor) which is towed behind the boat to find that it has some bad cuts in it. On closer inspection they find barracuda teeth wedged in one of the cuts. This time they watch the torpedo in the water and yes, a barracuda starts to chase it.

The magnetometer team went to target 2 anomaly, a long linear reading. They went to investigate it with metal detectors but were unable to locate the item(s) so must be buried to deep to be detected. They were joined by the ship’s cook Don and they then went and visited the wooden wreck site. They returned to Caribbean Explorer 1 for lunch, and then in the afternoon, when the tide was higher, they finished off the magnetometer survey completely.

The Marine Magnetics’ Tow Fish with the barracuda teeth in

Wooden Shipwreck Team
Randy and JF work on exposing more of the ‘stem’ post area. The dredge was relocated over it. Two artefacts were found in the dredged sand. Jason during his site visit spotted one piece of pottery and then Randy found another piece of pottery.

James, Dr Donald Keith and Toni worked on completing the recording the rest of the wooden shipwreck site. When they had finished there they went and joined the dredge boat three team.

Dredge Boat Three
Yet again this appears to be a lucky team. Today Nigel, Angelie and Johnnie investigate the sites found yesterday by metal detector in the anomaly area. As Nigel and Johnnie worked on one area they quickly discovered a large curved wooden timber. As they uncovered the area more fasteners were found and then it was discovered that the fasteners and the curved piece were all attached to a large wooden beam. This it turns out is the cat head. Wooden spools were found on one side and would have been used for an anchor, but more impressively the end of the beam is protected by a lead band and the wood has a large star carved in it. The curved timber also has a carved pattern in it.

Whilst Johnnie and Nigel were busy with this find Angelie first uncovered a long lead sheath near to the cat head, and then a collection of metal items which will need further investigation.

Late in the Day Donald Keith, Toni and James came to the site to photograph and draw the finds.

The team also collect the barrel stave found yesterday for analysis.

The Cat Head

The Documentary Makers
Today the documentary team took it easy. Jenn and JF went to the wooden shipwreck site and carried out some more filming. Jenn then returned to Caribbean Explorer 1 where she gave Fujio his second diving lesson.