July 7, 2006

By Nigel Sadler

Richard Coberley, Veronica Veerkamp and Fujio Watanabe of Windward Media all arrive safely on Grand Turk this afternoon. All their filming equipment also arrives intact. Their passage through immigration, Customs and then Skyking was very smooth and the Museum thanks all involved for their assistance.

The windward Media team received the usual friendly greeting from Colin Brooker, owner of Island House, when they checked into their room.

Back at the museum the final work on preparing the equipment is nearly completed, now all that is left is repacking and having it ready for transportation to the Caribbean Explorer 1 when it arrives early Monday morning.

The Equipment has proven to be, in most cases, working. Unfortunately one of the outboard engines has failed and a new one has been purchased on Grand Turk, with the assistance of Kirk at MPL Enterprises.

It was also confirmed this afternoon that Levardo Talbot will once again be joining the team as the representative of the Department of Environment and Coastal Resources.

Another team member to confirm he will be joining us is Dylan Simonson, an intern from the School for Field Studies on South Caicos. Some of the lecturers from the school have also confirmed that they will visit the project to see first hand what happens on this project.