July 20, 2006

The day started with the normal breakfast at 7.00am. Soon after eating the engines were removed from the inflatables and the inflatables had been pulled on board Caribbean Explorer 1.

The rest of the gear was stowed and by 9.30 Caribbean Explorer 1 had pulled up its anchor and the team are on the way back to Grand Turk.

The team relaxes on the crossing and the final plans are made for our arrival. Customs and Immigration are notified as is Glinton at Texaco who will be refuelling the boat. As Grand Turk is sighted Mitch calls John at Blue Water Divers and he is told to bring Blue Water Diver’s pick up to carry equipment back to the museum. Nigel calls Aliatte at the Museum and she is asked to bring the Museum truck to south base.

Caribbean Explorer 1 is quickly unloaded and by 2.30pm all equipment is at the museum, the boat has cleared customs and immigration and it is refuelled. Caribbean Explorer 1 soon leaves Grand Turk to prepare for its next charter this weekend in the Bahamas.

After all the gear is unloaded the team members are taken to their various hotels.

In the evening Mitch invited the team around to his house and pizzas were brought along to Mitch’s ‘bar’ area. Some of the team left early but others stayed and a jam session started with Mitch on guitar and Jason on drums. Team members Fujio, Levardo, James and Dylan try out playing the saw, the traditional instrument in the local ripsaw music.