Thursday September 9, 2004

By Jackie Mulligan

6.30am:Team was impressed with breakfast this morning – omelette with a wide choice of fillings. Unfortunately only about 5 of the team were up and awake to make the most of the meal as everyone had slept badly after a rocky night at sea. Breezy Point sure does live up to its title.

Meanwhile in Middle Caicos, Dolphus Arthur shows up to pick up David and Jackie as well as the LA Times reporter and photographer.

Back on the T&C Explorer, team members assisted Mitch with an electrical problem on the boat. It is critical that the Moody Blue is in good working condition as tomorrow it will have to navigate along with the whaler across the Turks Island passage.

At 8am, James Hunter and Nigel Sadler were ferried by dingy to Black Rock and deserted according to Nigel for several hours in the baking hot sun. The mission was to survey the beach and just above the high tide line any evidence that could relate to the wooden remains. At Black Rock, they discovered a message in a bottle, dropped by the team on August 30th, on the run from the storm. Whilst walking above the high tide line, the pair notice a stone cairn (see photo). A cairn is a pile of stones deliberately constructed usually as a boundary marker or a site of significance like a burial. As the two of them investigate further they are swarmed by mosquitoes.

Jason, Levardo, Graham and Anders towboarded the east side of Breezy Point filling all the gaps in the tracks and found in Jason’s words “diddly squat”.

Randy and Toni, with skipper Noah snorkel on top of the reef using DPVs. Their trip is more fruitful as they spot several large pieces of metal, near the metal shipwreck. The pattern of pieces would be in keeping with the shipwreck.

During the morning, Jackie, David, reporter Carol Williams and photographer David Rochkind join the Turks and Caicos Explorer to get updated on the expedition. The seas across to the T & C Explorer are treacherous but superbly navigated by Dolphus Arthur. Swerving across the waves, between the reefs and shallows, in the open sea, the whaler leaps across the crests of the waves and all are relieved to see the mothership. To make Carol and David more comfortable on their return, the T & C Explorer give them safety equipment! (see photo).

David after joining the ship, talks to the archaeologists and shares what happened at the Middle Caicos meetings with the team. He then does some yoga on the sun deck and then all enjoy a Turkey dinner worthy of any Thanksgiving or Christmas celebration.

At dinner Jackie explains to Anders and David, how she could live on a boat, if it wasn’t for the water. David responds “Jackie, that is a house.”

The team relaxes and by 8.30pm nearly everyone has gone to bed.