Wednesday September 1, 2004

By Nigel Sadler

Tensions rise in the museum shelter as the hurricane slows down. However good news is that Hurricane Frances has moved slightly northwards which will mean the eye is less likely to pass over the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Electricity is still on, so marine archaeologists James Hunter and Jason Burns catch up on some reading (pictured). The fact that James is reading a book called “Scurvey” causes some amusement in the crowded, shuttered room.

At around noon, tropical storm winds move in. The hurricane is moving slowly and the team are not looking forward to the prospect of snickers bars and biscuits for the next 24 hours.

In the late afternoon the winds seem to be getting stronger. The power shuts down. The wind continues through the night – a sustained wind of 75 mph with gusts of up to 100mph. In spite of the noise, all manage to get some sleep now and again.

Pictured right James and Jason could not wait to take refuge under the floral covers.

Miraculously the phone lines also stay live – great work Cable and Wireless!