Saturday September 11, 2004

By Jackie Mulligan

The team gather along with the Free Press, Weekly News, WIV TV, Radio Turks and Caicos, the Associated Press and the LA Times to announce the results of the expedition survey (see latest news and headline Trouvadore Team Finds Wooden Shipwreck for more information)

Honorable Lillian Been (pictured) praises the efforts of the team to bring Turks and Caicos Islanders one step closer to their history:
“On behalf of the Government, I would sincerely like to commend those who have been part of this exercise which has sought to bring an important part of our country’s history from being somewhat of a deep mystery, into an interesting reality. From all reports, it has been a rather tough ordeal. Indeed, I have been reliably informed that some of those who ventured on the expedition over the past few days, are still feeling the effects of the turbulent seas.Be that as it may, you should all feel proud to know that in trying to put together the pieces of history, you are also creating history. In recent years the history of the Turks and Caicos Islands and the Caribbean, although well-documented in many cases, has been the subject of greater scrutiny, as those of us in this present generation seek to trace the roots and course of our ancestors and find more conclusive answers to the many questions that have surrounded the journey of our foreparents from the coast of Africa across the Atlantic, to the Caribbean.This search for the remains of the Trouvadore fits within the four corners of such fact-finding missions, which bring greater clarity and better perspective to where we have come from, how we got here and who we are as a people.”

Stan Hartling (pictured), premium sponsor and developer of the Sands at Grace Bay and The Palms expresses his delight at being able to safeguard foundations of a different kind by being involved in the project:

“It is not often you are given the opportunity to help uncover something extraordinary. Something that is so special it cannot be recreated or fabricated….We all know that development and tourism are the backbone of our economy and bring many benefits. Yet, at the same time this new growth can tend to dilute and cover up the history and culture that makes the Islands special in the first place. The Trouvadore project created an opportunity for our company to step forward and help lay a major foundation of a different kind. A foundation of History that every Turks Islander can be immensely proud of and a foundation that will support more and more discovery of the wonderful history of these Islands.”

Nigel Sadler, Donald Keith and David Bowen describe aspects of the expedition with a powerpoint presentation which is well received. At the end Nigel Sadler thanks all of the people who went the extra mile to make the expedition happen and to raise awareness of the fascinating Trouvadore story.

In the evening invited guests gather for a sunset reception at Hemingways and enjoy music from Corey Forbes and the Rakoneers and a special cultural song and dance performance by David Bowen, Kenton Wyatt and TUCA dancers. Levardo Talbot cannot resist the temptation to play and joins the band for a few Turks and Caicos Numbers on bongo drums.

Thank you for reading the diary and being part of the Trouvadore Expedition!