Monday August 30, 2004

By Nigel Sadler

This morning’s news was not what we wanted to hear. Right now hurricane Frances is heading up towards the Southern Eastern Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands.¬† The result is a major change in the project plan. Because Francis appears on track to hit the Turks & Caicos, today the team repacked its equipment and headed to Grand Turk for safety reasons.

Despite this unwelcome news, yesterday was a very good day of tow boarding where a number of debris fields were spotted for further analysis. James Hunter  (pictured) makes a record of all the debris fields.

Mitch’s flotilla and the T & C Explorer navigated across the Turks Island passage and arrived in Grand Turk at 9.30pm.

Customs Officer Faye Forbes arranged fuel, checks and security with Lavardo Simmons. Colin Brooker, DECR’s Michelle Fulford Gardiner, Jurgen and Stefan and Ian Fuller – all came down to the dock to assist the team. Osprey Beach Hotel and Island House Hotel kindly offered accommodation. The entire team and the crew of the T & C Explorer sends a big thank you to all of those people who helped.