Friday September 10, 2004

By Jackie Mulligan

The final day brings still more adventures. The waves continue to challenge the crew and with the end of the project field work, present an interesting return to Grand Turk.

7.45am:Moody Blue and Whaler leave with Jason Burns,Mitch Rolling, Graham Garson, Randy Davis across 8-10ft waves to Grand Turk from East Caicos.

Four hours of waves crashing over the bow and a little sunburned, the team are relieved to see Grand Turk.

10.45am: Turks and Caicos Explorer leaves East Caicos for a 6 hour crossing of similar conditions, but a lot more comfortable on the 100ft live-aboard.

All are now safely accommodated at the Sands at Grace Bay and looking forward to an exciting announcement tomorrow and of course hot baths and ground that does not move beneath them!