What is a Slave?

More Than a Definition

a person who is owned by and forced
to work for another person.

Slave comes from the latin word “sclavus”
meaning Captive or Ethnic

Between 1500 and 1888 over 12 million Africans were taken from their homes and sold into slavery. Most of the slaves ended up in the Americas, including the Caribbean.

The barbaric activity of the slave trade became known as the “Triangle Trade” as the slave routes used crossed three continents Europe – Africa – The Americas in the shape of a triangle.

Cheap items, such as glass beads, were taken from Europe and traded for Africans captured in war. As the trade became more profitable, Africans were paid to capture other Africans to meet the growing demand for slaves. Forts were built by the Europeans to protect this slave trade. It was from these forts most Africans started their journey across the Atlantic. The Atlantic journey was treacherous. As many as a quarter of all Africans died during or shortly after the crossing.

The profits from the sale of slaves were used to buy goods required in Europe, like cotton and sugar. Most of these goods were produced by slaves.

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