Unsolved Mysteries

Mystery of the Idols
The letters from George Gibbs talked about “African Idols”. The artifacts found on Trouvadore actually turned out to be from Easter Island. Why were Easter Island idols on Trouvadore?

Mystery of the Shooting
As the Africans got to shore from the shipwreck, one woman was shot by the crew. To date the reasons and records of the shooting are still scarce.

What Happened Next?
The crew of Trouvadore were sent to Nassau and then on to Cuba for prosecution – what happened to them after this…?

The Bambarra Mystery
Why does only one settlement in Turks and Caicos have an African name? Did Trouvadore survivors establish Bambarra?

Africans with No Names
In 1841 George Gibbs, collector of Customs, was requested to supply a list of all the Africans who survived the shipwreck of Trouvadore and were brought to Grand Turk. All other requests for information were fulfilled. Yet this list of names has still not been found…

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