2006 Expedition Log


July 11, 2006 |

By Nigel Sadler The day started at 7am with a great breakfast. The waves last night meant many had not had a good nights sleep. At 7.30 the daily briefing took place. The priority for the morning was to inflate the three project crafts as well as the craft belonging to Caribbean Explorer 1 (see. more…

July 10, 2006 |

By Nigel Sadler At 6.30 JF is notified that Caribbean Explorer 1 had pulled into the dock. The team gathers at the museum to start loading the equipment which has to be taken the 2 miles from the Museum to the government dock. Everything goes like clockwork and the boat is cleared by Immigration and. more…

July 9, 2006 |

Caribbean Explorer 1 arrives at Grand Turk

July 8, 2006 |

A day of tidying up and island exploration

July 7, 2006 |

Windward Media Team arrives

June 24, 2006 |

As the project nears its field work departure date the project archaeogical co ordinator, Dr Donald Keith Arrives on Grand Turk