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In 1841, a Spanish slave ship named Trouvadore wrecked on the shores of East Caicos in the British West Indies. In a strange twist of fate,the ship wrecked in a place where slavery was outlawed.  Miraculously, the 193 African captives survived and the would-be slaves were rescued and freed by local authorities.  Over time the story of the freed Africans and the location of the ship was lost.

In 1993, a chance discovery in a series of letters at the Smithsonian Institution ignited interest in Trouvadore.  Since then the Turks and Caicos National Museum and Ships of Discovery have carried out extensive research in archives in eight countries on three continents to uncover the story of Trouvadore.  Our research lead us to East Caicos where we mounted three expeditions and discovered the remains of a wooden wreck.

Explore the website and join us on our journey to rediscover and identify the Slave Ship Trouvadore! View a short clip about the project:

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