Search For Trouvadore

Archaeology Reveals What History Has Forgotten

In September 2004, after a decade of research, archeologists with the Turks & Caicos National Museum and Ships of Discovery located the remains an old wooden ship, along with those of several newer vessels, during an underwater survey off the coast of East Caicos. The team returned to the site in 2006 and 2008 to conduct more surveys andĀ test excavations in an effort to make a positive identification of the wooden wreck.

Survey Area
Archival documents refered to Breezy Point and/or East Caicos as the wreck location of Trouvadore.
Survey Area
Search Technology
The team used a combination of high and low technology to locate ships and debris fields in the underwater search area.
Slave Ship Archaeology
At least three shipwrecks have beenĀ found at East Caicos. How can we identify any of these as Trouvadore’s remains?
Survey Area Aerial